Dell is one of the world’s biggest and top ranking computer manufacturer company which deals in selling, repairing and designing computer devices and its peripherals. Dell has it customer base all around the world with millions of existing users and counting. Dell was founded by Michael Dell in the year 1984 and what was started as a seller of IBM compatible computer module it soon started to manufacture their own computers. Dell is a massive company who has its footprint all around the globe with different products and services. Dell mainly deals in Selling and creating new computer and also provides Dell technical support to all its users.

Dell users just have to dial Dell customer support number if he or she has any sort of technical problem with their dell devices. A representative from dell technical team will answer your call help you to resolve all your issues within the shortest time possible. A dell user can face may issues with their device and some them are being mentioned below.

Common issues faced by Dell users are:

• Dell computer is running.
• Not able to install any external device on the computer.
Computer is running Slow.
• Computer is infected with virus.
• Dell Computer is not starting up.
• Not able to install updates for Microsoft Windows.
• Not able to install any third party software on your dell computer.
• And many other issues that can be very tiring and frustrating.

For all the above mentioned common issues you can contact our Dell customer Service Number 1-800-236-5725 to get trained and certified technical staff to work on you issues. Our staff is well trained with dell system and can resolve all your issues within not time. So just don’t wait, and contact us now.

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