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Print Head Error: Dell printer one of the best among all. Users can face some issue while using it. We are defining one of the errors and its solution over here. Print Head Error is the most common error while using Dell printers. It occurs due to the blockage in the head. The reason behind the blockage is Ink and Cartridge. Due to this error, you can’t print anything in a proper manner.

The solution for the Print Head Error: The best solution for this error is just to clean the head of the printer in order to pass ink from the cartridge. In this case, the ink cartridge should not be blocked with any plastic tape or any other packaging material. Most of the printers allow the head cleaning by selecting an option within the software utility. If this is not the reason of the Print Head Error then it is required to replace the head of the printer

Error Code: 009-360: We have discussed the print head error and its solution too. Now one more error we are going to discuss over here and that is Error Code: 009-360, this kind of error occurs when communication fails between the printers with the toner cartridge. We can provide the solution for this error also.

The solution for the Error Code: 009-360: To resolve this issue you have to follow some prior steps. In the first step, you have to switch the power of the printer for few seconds and then the power on the printer again. This step can resolve your problem, if the problem is still persisting then you need to change the toner cartridge.

We have defined the problem and solution for both the errors and even after the error persist user have an option to rectify the error. User can have assistance from Dell customer support number +1-800-236-5725 24×7 online through remote support with data and system security. Our support team will resolve the issues on the urgent basis with sure shot solution.

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